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The use of cookies by Spectrum Automobile.

A cookie is a small text file that some websites save on your computer. On this website we use cookies to improve the user experience for our customers.

Spectrum Automobile treats very seriously the privacy of your data and the information below, about how cookies are used and how you can delete them, as well as the impact this setting will have on the experience of using the website.

Deactivation/Activation of cookies.

You can accept or disable cookies by changing your browser settings. You should know that deactivating them will limit the use of interactive features on the Spectrum Automobile website.

The procedure for managing and deleting cookies may vary, depending on the browser used. To disable cookies in a particular browser, you can use the browser help function or, alternatively, please visit Here it is described how you can manage or delete cookies in the most popular browsers.

Information sharing tools

The Spectrum Automobile site contains "share" functions that allow site users to transmit site content to friends via social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. This site may also set cookies on your device when you log in to it. Spectrum Automobile does not control this cookie setting. Please check privacy policy of this website to find out how you can manage them.